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Q1. Which section of Indian Govt. recognizes Aarogya Peeth’s Neurotherapy Courses?

Ans. Aarogya Peeth offers variety of courses certified under NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation). An initiative of Ministry of Skill Development of India.

Q2. Which courses are approved under NSDC?

Ans. Following courses are the approved courses under NSDC:

Course Duration Eligibility Internship
Jr. Wellness Therapist 2 Months 10th Pass 16+ Yrs1 Month
Sr. Therapist 2 Months 12th Pass 16+ Yrs 2 Months
Master Therapist 2 Months 12th Pass 16+ Yrs 2 Months

Q3. Who can apply for Aarogya Peeth’s Courses?

Ans. Any person aged above 16 yrs., Male or Female who is mentally stabled and physically fit can apply for our courses. There is no Upper age limit.

Q4. What is the Minimum Qualification Required?

Ans. Kindly refer Answer no. 2 for Govt. approved Courses. For all other courses there is no minimum qualification required.

Q5. What is the Minimum & Maximum Age Limit?

Ans. Person aged above 16 yrs., Male or Female who is mentally stabled and physically fit can apply for our courses. There is no Upper age limit.

Q6. Does Aarogya Peeth provide stay/residence facility for students?

Ans. Aarogya Peeth has a hostel style paying guest facility with 30 Bed Count.

Q6. What is the Course Fee?

Ans. Kindly contact our customer representative for details.

Q7. Can Course Fee be paid in installments?

Ans. Yes. Kindly contact our customer representative for details.

Q8. Is any Education Loan available to attend Aarogya Peeth’s Courses?

Ans. Many banks offers easy education loan payable in easy installments for courses approved under NSDC certified courses.

Q9. What is course starting date & duration?

Ans. Kindly contact our customer representative for details.

Q10. What are class Timings?

Ans. Kindly refer course detail section.

Q11. Is there any exam conducted after or during course duration?

Ans. All Aarogya Peeth’s courses are designed to equip participants on certain knowledge & Skill. Assessment is an effective way to ensure transfer of knowledge has happened. For NSDC approved courses an Assessment will be done by Govt.Assessment Agency.

Q12. What if one fails in Exam? Can he or she reappear?

Ans. We believe in learning rather than grading. Students can reappear for exam.

Q13. Does exam covers both Theory & Practical?

Ans. Yes

Q14. Can I open my own wellness Centre after course completion?

Ans. Our aim is to enable & empower people to help live a life of freedom, power and celebration. We help them build a source of Income. We support our students to open & run their centers effectively.

Q15. Is student allowed to practice on patients during course duration?

Ans. Students’ once reached certain level of knowledge & perfection in treatment are introduced to patients for treatment under the guidance of Sr. therapist .

Q16. How Aarogya Peeth supports on student’s opening their own wellness centre.

Ans. We equip our participants on operational excellence to run their centers efficiently by giving them guidance & support on Process & Systems.

Q17. Who will be the trainer?

Ans. Trainers are qualified Master Therapist who have been practicing Neurotherapy for at least 10 years and have successfully completed their certification program at Aarogya Peeth.

Q18. Can I also become a trainer?

Ans. We offer Master Therapist Course to become eligible for Trainer Position.

Q19. What if I missed some classes?

Ans. We understand that emergency situations can come to anyone and we support our students on covering the left classes content by organizing special classes.

Q20. How much attendance is mandatory?

Ans. 70% Attendance is Mandatory under NSDC approved courses.

Q21. Will Acharya ji take all classes?

Ans. Acharya Ji will bless us with his sermons during the course duration. All our courses are designed & developed under the guidance of Acharya ji and system ensures quality of training delivery.

Q22. Does Aarogya Peeth provide food facility along with Stay?

Ans. Yes. Stay & Food are clubbed together.

Q23. How can I avail subsidy/discount on Course Fee?

Ans. 10% scholarship is available for Defense Personnel & Senior Citizens.

Q24. Can I open a centre outside India/Abroad?

Ans. One should abide by the law of the country and should practice Neurotherapy in safe & secure environment.

Q25. Can I practice Neurotherapy in other countries other than India?

Ans. One should abide by the law of the country and should practice Neurotherapy in safe & secure environment.

Q26. How many centers does Aarogya Peeth has and what are those locations?

Ans. Our aim to open Neurotherapy Centre at every 6th Village in India. Our global presence will be felt with our centers at all major towns globally. At present, Aarogya Peeth is located in Delhi.

Q27. Does Short duration classes happens at other places outside Delhi?

Ans. Till date our classes are held in New Delhi. We have plans to organize in other towns soon.

Q28. What is the scope of Neurotherapy?

Ans. Neurotherapy has become “An Apple of Eye” for Patients. Lakhs of patients have got cured from acute & chronic diseases from every corner of the world and thousands are getting being cured daily. Neurotherapy being a natural cure doesn’t have any side effects and that makes it only hope today for patients along with other natural cures. The day is not far when every household will be aware of Neurotherapy and that demand will create employment for lakhs of people.

Q29. Who should learn Neurotherapy?

Ans. One person from each family must learn Neurotherapy. This will ensure wellbeing & health of all family members and help people save on huge medical expenses. The same money than can be used on things that one enjoys.

Q30. How a Career in Neurotherapy is best option for Students?

Ans. We have talked about scope of Neurotherapy in answer no. 28. It is given that your best Asset is YOU. The assest that gives maximum returns, more than Real Estate, Stock Market & Gold.Neurotherapy being a Skill Set is going to be your lifetime investment. All of us have heard a story of “Golden Goose”. You become one once you learn Neurotherapy. With Govt. Support & Excellent results on patients’ diseases, Neurotherapy is the best career option one has today.Students can work at Aarogyapeeth’s job role or can start their own Neurotherapy Center.

Q31. How can I Register with Aarogya Peeth.

Ans. Kindly contact us at 9958434398

Q32. Can a Neurotherapy Practitioner who is already practicing Neurotherapy, enroll with Aarogya Peeth?

Ans. Aarogya peeth offers an excellent opportunity for people who have learned neurotherapy before October 2017. We organize special 5 days Neurotherapy Training for them to become Govt. Certified Neurotherapist.

Q33. Does an old Neurotherapist has to go through entire course duration again?

Ans. Kindly refer Answer 32

Q34. Which course is most advisable for Professionals from other trades?

Ans. All our courses are designed in such a way that fulfills certain requirements. Having said that, we understand that professionals have time constraint, we offer 15 days residential program that is most suitable for a person from other industry to learn Neurotherapy quickly and effectively.

Q35. Which course is most advisable for Students?

Ans. Students should go for govt. certified courses. It offers an excellent and lucrative career opportunity.

Q36. Which course is most advisable for House Wives?

Ans. However all our courses are suitable for them, special 2 days program on females’ related problems is must to attend.

Q37. Which course is most advisable for Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Practitioner, Physiotherapist and people from similar trade?

Ans. Neurotherapy has become very popular among people of similar trade for they are able to increase results in their existing patients by using Neurotherapy. We suggest 15 Days program will greatly help you to diagnose & treat your patients in Neurotherapy’s way. Who doesn’t love a satisfied & happy patient who brings more patients to you.

Q38. Is there any stay facility for female participants?

Ans. When it comes to safety, Women’s safety is our highest priority. We ensure high standards of safety & security for our participants. We have a dedicated section for female participants.

Q39. Which course is most advisable for Senior Citizens?

Ans. All our courses are suitable for their needs.

Q40. Is Course fee refundable?

Ans. Because we have very limited seats for our courses, A seat booked is a seat loss for someone. We request you do not cancel or postpone your seat as course fee is Non-refundable.

Q41. If one misses the batch/training he paid for. Can course fee be forwarded to attend another course?

Ans. Yes. Provided course fee is of equivalent value

Q42. Which is Aarogya Peeth’s best value course?

Ans. All our courses have been designed after a very deep discussions & analysis among subject experts. Different courses fulfill different need of individuals.

Q43. Will I be able to learn practical points through Digital/Online/Correspondence program?

Ans. 100% Yes. Infact, the course was designed only after requests from thousands of our followers who couldn’t come and attend regular courses due to their pressing needs. Thousands of other users are learning through our YouTube videos everyday and curing people from their family, peer group and society. We highly recommend our digital course to all as it is fulfills anytime anywhere instant learning.

Q44. What will be the course duration of online digital program?

Ans. The course can be completed in 3 months time if one follows the guidelines regularly.

Q45. What if I get stuck somewhere and I have a questions during digital learning/online program?

Ans. A dedicated coach/trainer will be assigned to you to give you handholding and support wherever required through telephonic guidance. Students need to submit their practical videos periodically to their assigned coach and seek his guidance.

Q46. Can I attend any live session or workshop to learn & experience practical points face to face?

Ans. We highly recommend all online users to attend 2 days special workshop designed to support digital program students to learn practical points during this workshop. We organize this workshop periodically at our Delhi centre.Kindly contact support desk for more help on training dates.

Q47. Is there any other advantage of digital learning program other than anytime anywhere leraning?

Ans. The one more biggest advantage of digital learning is that all your family members can access it and learn it at a cost of just one student’s course fee.The program can be assessed through your Smart Phone & Laptop. Kindly note the Login ID & password is linked to your device and can be assessed only at maximum two devices.


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